Simple and Easy Ways to Detox your Home

May 29, 2022

 by Paige

Simple and Easy Ways to Detox your Home 

We pay close attention to what we put in our mouths and put on our bodies. This is organic, and that is petroleum-free. But understanding what to do to maintain a healthy home is not so simple. In reality, the ordinary home may contain up to hundreds of different chemicals. Some of which are dangerous and many of which have not been studied. We spend most of our time indoors. So giving your space some natural change and attention will make your life healthful and aesthetic. 

We know what you're thinking. Where do I even begin? And how much effort will this entail? If the notion of smearing or washing your home with baking soda seems a bit too far-fetched, don't worry. Here are some simple steps you can follow to minimize your exposure to toxins and make your house a little healthier. Let's just detoxify your home with some simple tips given below. 

Clean with Natural cleaners

Household cleaners, from wipes and sprays to solutions and detergents, are one of the most common chemical sources of hidden poisons in your home. When it comes to cleaning, keep it basic and use materials you're familiar with.  The least harmful method to clean at home for yourself and the earth is baking soda, white vinegar, water, and castile soap. These natural cleaners keep your house clean and toxins-free. 

Invest in some indoor plants

Not only can certain luxuriant plants liven up your home décor, but they are also natural air purifiers, and certain species have some surprising health benefits. It is good to maintain some low-maintenance plants indoors. Plants absorb not only carbon dioxide but additional gases and compounds in the air during photosynthesis. In exchange, they provide the atmosphere with oxygen and even proper moisture levels. For example, eucalyptus has a lot of health benefits. it eases the respiratory condition, promotes healthy skin, and minimizes the risk of bacterial infections. Moreover, the indoor plants give an aesthetic look to your space. 

Less use of Plastic

Some plastic containers can leach a chemical known as bisphenol-A (BPA), linked to hormone disruption. When heated, BPAs are more prone to leak out. When purchasing fresh or frozen items, aim for glass or cardboard packaging wherever feasible. BPA may also be present in can linings. This is especially crucial for acidic and greasy meals, which can leach out more BPA. So the use of all sorts of plastic must be avoided, especially in the kitchen. Use a glass jar instead of plastic. Replace plastic versions of glass, bottles, bags with glass and reusable grocery bags. 

Kick your Shoes Off

We're sorry to break it to you, but your shoes attract dirt, bacteria, and everything else you've been walking around on. Remove your shoes at the door to keep those nasties out of your house. 

instead, consider a pair of indoor slippers for a more sanitary choice. 

Filter your water and air 

Air purifiers and water filters are highly recommended in homes. You may have purified water delivered to your house, use a filtered water pitcher, or install a water filter on your faucet. A shower filter can also assist in removing chlorine and other pollutants from the water. 

If you have a big house, consider installing an air purifier in each main room and potentially each bedroom. Stop using scented candles and artificial air fresheners. Instead, use high-quality organic essential oils to diffuse. Remember to change the filters in your air conditioner and furnace regularly.