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We are excited that you have taken the first step to Living your Best Life, after all the first step is where every journey begins. Let us get started by telling you a little about us.

We believe in Life Change by Choices; it is through our choices that lives are transformed. Choice is the act of deciding when faced with two or more possibilities. Choice is one of the most powerful gifts that God has given us, and we should take it seriously. As soon as we choose our choice become a reality and not choosing is a choice to give away God’s gift.

We believe we all have a responsibility to Live our Best Life by being and doing our best. Which means making good choices is essential.


Meet your coach

My name is Paige and I'm the owner of TriLife. We believe in choices at TriLife and I'd like to share with you how I got here through choices I made in my life.   When I hit my, what I will call my middle age, I started gaining weight.  It didn't seem to matter what I did, it kept sneaking on.  The problem wasn't trying to diet I was I just wasn't losing weight and the real problem was I was too busy for myself and was not following a healthy diet.

It started when I was a busy working Mom, hitting the fast-food drive thru after sports practice or a game because it was easy and who has that kind of energy😊.  I even started doing weekend prep  and it still didn't resolve the situation.  As the kids got older, I grew in my position and worked lots of hours with high levels of stress (you know the stuff that causes the belly fat☹) .

As I got a little bit older the weight increased a little bit, and again the next year a little bit more, and it kept going until eventually in my 50s I was overweight and noticeably overweight.  I had gradually grown into it, so I didn't even realize how bad it was. 

My sister had started a program and she was losing weight quickly so of course I had to ask her about it.  When she told me how it worked, I said well I can do that on my own.  Guess what it didn't work!  I ended up joining that program and I did lose weight. 

Out of that experience I became a Health Coach to help others who were having the same struggle I had.  I first started working with the same program I was on.  I had clients that struggled with it, clients that loved it, clients who stuck with it and clients that didn’t stick with it.  This is normal when you only have one size fits all.

However, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, and not be able to provide some form of alternatives.  I loved what I was doing so I went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a Certified Weight Loss Specialist. 

I thought about what my clients  said they liked and things they didn’t.  I also thought about if it were me and I had to go back again what would I want, and this is where our new programs started.

Learn more by checking out our Programs and schedule a free Discovery Call.  During this call we will chat about your goals, needs and desires.  We can talk about what your customized program looks like for you.  

Your Best Life is waiting – all you need to do is take the first step!

Committed to your Success,


Certified Health Coach 

Certified Weight Loss Specialist

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all you need to do is take the first step!

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